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Trained education counsellors

Country/College Course help

IELTS & TOEFL training

Application assistance

SOP & LOR Prep

Education Loan Assistance

Where can you study overseas?

Top destinations preferred for Overseas Studies as suggested by the best study abroad consultants

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Study Abroad Consultants in India – Make Study Abroad Easier & Affordable

We are the one-stop destination for all those students who dream of studying abroad. At Study Abroad India, you will meet consultants who will offer you the best guide for finding the best college and application assistance.

We are the only place where you will find out the best study abroad consultants who have a quick answer to all your problems related to the study abroad. Whether it is college selection or IELTS & TOEFL training, here you find experts who offer satisfactory services.

We are a one-stop destination for all your study abroad needs

Here at Study Abroad India, we know all the requirements to study abroad, and we assure to overcome all such expectations and offer the best guidance to them. Here our study abroad consultants will come up with the best programs or courses abroad according to your goals, age, experience, and skills. Starting from the best college selection to the application assistance, we deal in each and everything to make your process more accessible and hassle-free.

Are you looking for a better consultation to study abroad?

We are the only solution for those looking for the best consultation to study abroad. We are well-trained education counselor who loves offering satisfactory consultation to our clients. Whether you want to learn in the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, or in any other country, here you will find out the best guidance to make your study great.

Why are we different?

Trained Education Counselors

Reach to the well-trained team of education counselors at one and only Study Abroad India who are actually best study abroad consultants. Here you will meet friendly counselors who have all the knowledge about visas and application assistance.

Country/College Course Help

Whether you are getting related to choosing any country or college, then here the team at Study Abroad India, you can resolve all such doubts effortlessly. It is the thing that makes us different compared to the other services provider.


Get IELTS/TOEFL training in Gurugram from the industry experts available at Study Abroad India. They are the only ones who can help you get your desired band score. We have a huge list of students whom we have helped meet their brand’s expectations.

Application Assistance

Get the best assistance related to your application, and understand all the loopholes in your application along with our extraordinary team. We know the application process for multiple countries or colleges and ensure that our students can meet that criterion.


Get all the help related to the SOP and LOR preparation Gurugram.  For all those, who need assistance related to the SOP writing or anything else, we are the ones who helped all such students in writing the same.

Education Loan Assistance

For all those, who are getting problems in getting their education loan, then we are the ones who let them in, easing all the things related to it. We know all the rules and regulations, which reduce the process of education loans assistance Gurugram.


Where can you study overseas?

Choose the best and most highly-suitable country to study in. We have endless opportunities in colleges, courses, and countries, which make you in overcoming your overseas study goals. Here we some of the countries, in which our study abroad consultants deals.


The United States of America is always one of the most preferred destinations, and it is the only country with the most-reputed and top-ranked universities.


It is a country famous for its unique education system and the best universities. Canada is also known for its amazing lifestyle and standard of living. Besides this, it is the ideal destination for the students to study.

United Kingdom

The UK is a country where you can find out one of the oldest universities in the World. Receive an extraordinary study experience while studying in the United Kingdom.


Get a chance to study at Europe’s most growing universities, while studying in Ireland. Beat all the challenges which arise while studying in Ireland along with our experienced counselors. It is the country that you can choose for your scientific studies.


In Australia, you will find a network of universities that can help you overcome your educational needs. Discover all the leading universities and unparalleled education systems, while choosing Australia to study abroad.

New Zealand

New Zealand is a country where you can get the World class education system. Moreover, you can also enjoy breathtaking landscapes and explore the natural beauty of New Zealand while studying New Zealand.

Get Free counseling from our industry experts today!

Are you looking for the best career guidance? If yes, then here our professional team can help you out.

Here at our Study Abroad India, you will meet experts, who will first evaluate your career, strengths, and educational qualifications, and then offer you the best guidance. Starting from choosing the best career to the right course, we are the only ones who can ease all the process.

Why choose Study Abroad India?

There are many reasons to choose Study Abroad India, and here we have a few of them:

Best Guidance available : Receive the best guidance related to study abroad, IELTS exam, TOEFL exam, education loan assistance, and country or course selection along with the team at Study Abroad India.

Test Preparation : Prepare for the IELTS or TOEFL exam under the guidance of the team at Study Abroad India. Along with us, you can get the desired band score.

Finance & Scholarships : Resolve all the financial and scholarship issues related to studying abroad while opting for the finance experts at Study Abroad consultants in Gurugram.

We are best study abroad consultants in gurgaon

As the Best Study Abroad Consultants we are a leader and pioneer in the industry of international education. We help our students to study overseas in varied countries like as Australia, the UK, the USA, New Zealand, Canada, Ireland and more.

Our experienced staff helps you to identify and secure the university or school where you can thrive. We’ve been constantly doing it for years and years together.

We are known as the best study abroad consultants due to the fact that we creating a huge network of opportunity for students across India. We have a system in place to connect you with people, services and employers to make your study abroad journey a pursue and you can move abroad with clarity and confidence.